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Each One Teach One (MD) 

We are a 501c3 Non-profit Organization established by the Gauchos Corporation. The mission of the Each One Teach One Basketball team is to provide young men and women the opportunity to develop and hone their basketball skills while playing competitively. Our name was chosen by the team of young men with the understanding that Each One person, teaches another one a life lesson. It is expected that every team member displays integrity, good sportsmanship, and a scholarly attitude thus providing a fine example for themselves, each other, and the community at large. Coaches, parents, and volunteers will conduct business with a high degree of ethics ensuring the proper growth and development of the players while ensuring athlete safety.


Each One Teach One has developed a mentorship program called Beyond Basketball. Beyond Basketball allows us to develop our student-athletes' academic and career experience through social events and interactive sessions . We want to ensure we’re assisting our athletes in expanding their academic goals, while a bright future.


Our mission is to provide young men and women along with our children an opportunity to develop into well-rounded citizens by honing their competitive athletic skills, displaying integrity, good sportsmanship, and a scholarly attitude. As an organization, we progress knowing that the tools instilled into our youth along with members of Each One Teach One family go far beyond basketball. Each practice, every tournament and game,
and every team outing is designed to educate, motivate, and elevate our young men and women in every
the aspect of their life.


To provide our youth, parents, and the Frederick Community an opportunity to improve the diversity and inclusion of our youth by motivation, self-awareness, dedication, and commitment, while helping our youth stay focused on what and how to accomplish their dreams, goals, and desires.

                                         Background and History
Ronald Butts (“Coach Butts”) is the Founder and President of the Gauchos Corporation [a charitable 501(c)(3) youth organization], and he's a retired U.S. Army disabled veteran. Coach Butts serves as a Head Coach for Each One Teach One. Coach Butts has over 40 years of experience coaching and playing sports at a competitive level. During those years of coaching, he has validated what several studies have concluded. Sports are an essential developmental tool for our youth. Participation and success in playing sports have a significant influence on the long-term health (physical and mental) of
young people. It has also been revealed to dramatically impact the development of leadership skills and teamwork, which heavily impacts career success.

Coach Butts has a long track record of helping athletes find success on and off the court and field in several states. This has mostly been achieved through grassroots efforts and very limited funding. Coach Butts' ability to successfully next-work with other companies and organizations while mentoring the youth under his leadership has been beyond reproach.

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Ronald Butts is a U.S. Army retired veteran who possesses strong leadership and has the ability to motivate others. Coach Butts hails from the Bronx, NY where he has 40 years of experience in coaching and playing sports at a competitive level; Coach Butts have played competitive sports CONUS and OCONUS while coaching adult men and women and youth boys and girls sports at all ages. A highly successful head coach in basketball and baseball. Ronald is an outstanding teacher and role model who is committed to the success of his student-athletes both on and off the court.

Coach Ronald Butts spent 4 years (2014-2017) coaching at Richard Montgomery High School under Coach David Breslaw. Coach Ronald Butts coached Richard Montgomery's JV and Varsity basketball teams during the summer and fall basketball tournaments and leagues.

We are excited to introduce our staff, players, and extended family. 

Beyond Basketball

Basketball is our life but not our entire life. Beyond Basketball is a program that provides workshops and training available to our youth. Exposing them to other necessary life skills and career options. Our partners are active in mentoring in their areas of expertise. 

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Part 3 - E1T1 Posts (75).png

Our Accomplishments

We are beyond proud of our players and staff. They have accomplished some amazing things and we know it will continue. CLICK HERE to see the evergrowing list of their achievements. 

Of Course, you can be a SPONSOR!

Thank you for your support and selflessness in Sponsoring a player(s), a team(s), an event(s), uniforms, equipment, and/or our new facility. 

We thank you in advance for your contributions to our organization, our family, and more importantly our student-athletes. 

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